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Adler Amolsch

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff

Adler Amolsch is the second tallest blonde on the Beacon. However, she will one day be the tallest. It is on her bucket list. Adler is also one of the amazing, glorious, jaw dropping, Spreaditors. Beyond spending hours editing your articles she can be found crying on the Potomac as she row’s for the JR Crew team.

  • 2022-23: Spread Editor
  • 2023-24: Style Editor
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Farewell Class of 2024

Farewell Class of 2024

Adler Amolsch and Samantha Shapiro June 11, 2024

Investigation, art, reporting, medicine—the diverse passions of our senior class are nothing short of impressive. As we bid farewell to the class of 2024, it's clear that Jackson-Reed has nurtured a...

Kiyla Amora Brown

Kiyla Amora Brown

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff May 3, 2024

Kiyla Amora Brown, a sophomore and bright student at Jackson-Reed, passed away on April 2, 2024. Motivated and driven, Kiyla illuminated our community with her presence, leaving an indelible mark on all...

100 word rants: Calculator, samples, chill out

Norah Caplan, Lily Carr, and Adler Amolsch May 3, 2024

Calculator I don’t understand why we have to solve math problems by hand. When am I ever going to be on a deserted island without a calculator needing to solve a math problem? Just let me use the freaking...

What’s in and out this spring?

What’s in and out this spring?

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff March 29, 2024

The groundhog has spoken; early spring is on the horizon and with it comes the 2024 spring fashion forecasts. At last, it's finally time to switch out our frumpy winter wardrobe and welcome all things...

Misogyny in media has to go

Misogyny in media has to go

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff March 29, 2024

Walking into my freshman-year science class, I was overwhelmed by a group of boys spouting about the superiority of male soccer athletes in comparison to female ones. “It's just biology. Men are simply...

“Rookery Stairway Chicago” Metal Print 24x18

Jackson-Reed Digital Media teacher presents at The Friendship Gallery

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff January 5, 2024

The Friendship Gallery and the Kindalew Collective presented “An Autumn Impromptu” earlier this month, showcasing the works of local artists in the DMV area, including Jackson-Reed Digital Media...

100 word rants: Froyo, steps, tummy

Devan Mehta, Adler Amolsch, and Dani Wallace November 21, 2023

Froyo If you are an insanely cool person like myself, there is one truth about the world that you cannot deny: froyo is better than ice cream. It just is. But that is not what I am here to rant about...

Edna Jackson’s niece Paula Ducketts, Tim Hannapel (Wilson Class of 1978) and Pamela Lipscomb-Gardner

Pamela Lipscomb-Gardner

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff November 21, 2023

Pamela Lipscomb Gardner, former librarian and powerful member of the Jackson-Reed community passed away on October 15, 2023. One of the longest-serving librarians at JR, she played an influential role...

District Patchwork: Adams Morgan

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff October 12, 2023

Buzzing with music venues, electric restaurants, and colorful row houses, Adam's Morgan takes the stage as the debut neighborhood in the dispatch series.  Welcome readers to District Patchwork, the...

How to prioritize mental health

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff July 3, 2023

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month having just passed, and the school year's end tantalizingly close, here are a few quick self-care tricks as we navigate these hectic final months.  Set...

“The Album” by the Jonas Brothers, 5.5/10

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff July 3, 2023

American pop-rock band, the Jonas Brothers, released their sixth studio album titled “The Album” on May 12. Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas, with the collaboration of Jon Bellion, balanced chaotic, funky...

The harsh realities of winter crew

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff May 22, 2023

The crew team never sleeps.  Stepping into Jackson-Reed’s atrium during these peaceful winter months, with a warm cup of coffee in hand, you are often met with grunting rowers on the erg and music...

Get excited for “Into the Woods”

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff May 21, 2023

An exciting blend of classic fairytales with a grim twist, “Into the Woods” is set to take the stage this May. Director Dan Iwaniec and Musical Director Anthony Pierce will be producing the first-ever...

An Ode to Mount Pleasant

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff May 3, 2023

Dear Mount Pleasant,  Today I set my alarm for 7:45 am. I showered, packed my bags, and had a cup of coffee. I'm living the good life, to say the least.  After moving to this sleepy little neighborhood,...

100 word rants: Grammys, ticket sales, google games

The Grammys have been running for almost seven decades and still have 12.4 million viewers. They clearly need to cater to as many audiences as possible—but this year, very few viewers were left satisfied....

January Spread

January Spread

Click here to read!

December Spread

December Spread

Click here to read! Graphic design and photography by Eli Schwartz, Maisie Derlega, Charlotte Comrack, Glen E. Friedman at Discord Records-Fugazi Live Series

September Spread

September Spread

Click here to read! Graphics by Ollie Braden, Mariel-Ayen Caldona, and Maisie Derlega

Albums of the Month

Albums of the Month

Waleeja Chaudhry, Zach Isaacs, and Adler Amolsch February 14, 2022

“Dawn FM” by The Weeknd By: Waleeja Chaudhry Rating: 8.5/10  The Weeknd’s fifth studio album, “Dawn FM”, is a synth-pop, ’80s new wave-inspired album that is futuristic yet timeless....

Less is more when it comes to extracurriculars

Devan Mehta and Adler Amolsch January 5, 2022

Figuring out what to focus on can be hard: do you participate in multiple school clubs and teams, or do you concentrate on only a few activities you're passionate about? As we make our way into the second...

Forecast for this fall: moody, baggy, and bold

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff November 9, 2021

Temperatures are dropping and leaves are changing—fall is finally here! It’s time to swap our favorite summer tanks with forgotten cashmere, wools, and hoodies.  Last autumn, most of us were able...

Book review: One of Us Is Lying

Book review: “One of Us Is Lying”

Adler Amolsch, Director of New Staff October 3, 2021

Five students walk into detention, but only four end up walking out alive. Karen McManus’ thrilling high school story was the perfect summer read to keep the slow, humid days at bay.       Karen...

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