100 word rants: Grammys, ticket sales, google games

The Grammys have been running for almost seven decades and still have 12.4 million viewers. They clearly need to cater to as many audiences as possible—but this year, very few viewers were left satisfied. Let’s talk song of the year: the 2023 Grammys had Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Adele, Lizzo, and Beyonce all up for this prestigious award. Everyone watching was rooting for their fav, but really it was anyone’s guess. Finally, Dr. Jill Biden popped up, ready to announce the victor. And the winner is…Bonnie Raitt with Just Like That. Just like who even is that? Bonnie Raitt? Better ask grandma.

As Girls Like That enthusiasts, we have some complaints. After arriving promptly at 6:30 on Friday night to support our thespian friends, we were met with a ticket line longer than the 9:00 am security jams! We realized we needed to devise a plan. Cutting the line was too shameful, so instead, we tried tricking the system by begging our friends to buy us tickets. Despite our best efforts, the JRHS players moved (kicked) us out of the line as tickets sold out. But seriously, with the auditorium being broken and the limited amount of showings, Jackson-Reed students should be allowed to buy tickets before kids from other schools!

I firmly believe that solitaire is the best game to play online. Google’s game selection is great, but it can also be super repetitive. I love little Momo (the Halloween cat), but at this point I’ve memorized all the movements of the ghosts. Solitaire is just so fresh. Every time you start a new game the cards are different, and to me that’s so much better than being able to play a game with my eyes shut. It might be difficult to find on school computers, but it’s not completely blocked. I urge all readers to go out and find the joy of solitaire!