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CITY CHAMPS: The Tigers post game in the locker room after beating Cardozo High School Saturday night.
Boys’ varsity basketball wins DCIAA Championship
Justin Glenn, Assistant Sports Editor • February 18, 2024

The boys’ varsity basketball team’s “Run it Back” tour made a trip to Coolidge High School for the DCIAA championship on Saturday night. In a thrilling game, the Tigers beat Cardozo High School 66-52, bringing the city championship home to Tenleytown for the first time since the 2021-22 season.  In a nail-biting 32 minutes of basketball, the matchup between the #1 seeded Tigers (32-2, 17-0...

Boys’ varsity basketball advances to DCIAA Championship in win over Dunbar
Justin Glenn, Assistant Sports Editor • February 17, 2024

Taking care of business at home is something familiar to the boys’ varsity basketball team. On Thursday evening the Tigers did just that, rolling the Crimson Tide of Dunbar High School, 73-28.  The...

Revisions: a necessary part of education
Daniel Kaye, Contributor • February 16, 2024

Unlike many other school systems, DCPS provides ample ways for students to retake and revise tests, which in turn boosts grades, morale, and learning opportunities. Despite the widespread appreciation...

Boys varsity basketball cruises to DCIAA Semi-finals in win over McKinley Tech
Justin Glenn, Assistant Sports Editor • February 15, 2024

For the boys’ varsity basketball team, it only took 16 minutes to make a statement. In crushing fashion, the Tigers cruised to victory in the DCIAA Quarterfinals over McKinley Tech High School on Tuesday,...

Volume 87 Issue 4
Volume 87 Issue 4
The Beacon Staff February 13, 2024

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Volume 87 Issue 3
Volume 87 Issue 3
December 18, 2023
Volume 87 Issue 2
Volume 87 Issue 2
November 21, 2023
Volume 87 Issue 1
Volume 87 Issue 1
October 13, 2023
Volume 86 Issue 7
Volume 86 Issue 7
June 21, 2023
Israel-Gaza War rallies and divides community
Israel-Gaza War rallies and divides community
Simon Holland, Isadora Groves, and Rohini Kieffer February 13, 2024

Jackson-Reed students and staff are dealing with controversy surrounding discussion of the current Israel-Gaza War with accusations of censorship, threats of litigation, and complaints about curriculum. In all of Assistant Principal Marc Minsker’s time as an educator, this level of schoolwide political tension is unprecedented. “Never before has an international conflict had this much of an...

Mandatory PD day struggles to address controversial topics
Jessica McCallum and Greta Bradley-Meal February 13, 2024

On January 2, Jackson-Reed hosted a mandatory Professional Development (PD) Day focused on having “courageous conversations” between students and teachers. The sessions were a joint effort between...

SAFETY FIRST - A sign in front of JR reminds the community that DC prohibits bringing guns into public
schools. This policy was implemented to ensure student safety.
Visitor's handgun confiscated at security
Rebecca Green and Edith Corrigan Conaty February 13, 2024

Questions concerning communication throughout the building have come to light after an expected visitor attempted to bring a handgun into the building on Monday, January 8. The visitor who brought the...

New literacy initiative introduces CER writing to be implemented all classes
New literacy initiative introduces CER writing to be implemented all classes
Devan Mehta, Opinions Editor • February 13, 2024

For the 2023-2024 school year, Jackson-Reed has introduced a new initiative that requires all students to write under the claim, evidence, reasoning (CER) format. This mandate states that all teachers...

ESOL students succeed despite feelings of isolation
Clara Durante, Luca Kane, and Zahirah Battle February 13, 2024

The English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program is succeeding at Jackson-Reed by achieving its academic objectives in the classroom. However, some students feel there is still a need to initiate...

ROGER THAT - Minoso Rodgers coaches the Tigers at home last season. The athletic department plans on starting a new chapter with the football team for the 2024-25 season.
Football coach Minoso Rodgers let go after three seasons
Justin Glenn and Alice Stillerman February 1, 2024

Varsity football coach Minoso Rodgers was fired this week after three seasons in which the team won just five games.  The decision, announced in a statement from Athletic Director Patrice Arrington,...

REVIEWERS STRANDED - Renowned Rival Reviewers Becca and Francesca were trapped at Walt Whitman when their car broke down. Fortunately, they were saved.
Rival Reviews: Walt Whitman
Rebecca Green and Francesca Purificato February 13, 2024

Upon reading the title, readers may be starting to think our beloved column name is turning into a lie, as Whitman is no rival of ours. While admittedly this is true, after trotting around all of DC things started to get repetitive, so we decided to switch it up. That, and Gonzaga said no. As we wandered around Walt Whitman High School, a Montgomery County public school, we couldn’t help but feel...

UNION UNITES - The Arab Student Union held a Palestinian culture night at Busboys and Poets. The union had to relocate after the event was shut down at JR during the planning period.
ASU celebrates Palestinian culture in Takoma
Rebecca Green, Editor-in-Chief • February 13, 2024

Last month, the Arab Student Union (ASU) hosted a Palestinian Culture Night at Busboys and Poets in Takoma. The event was originally supposed to be held at Jackson-Reed, however Principal Sah Brown rejected...

We broke into the school parking garage (not actually)
We broke into the school parking garage (not actually)
Willa Frillici and Maria Joyce-Johnson February 13, 2024

The Jackson-Reed parking garage is a mystery to all. Students, teachers, and possibly even the rats who scurry around couldn’t tell you what goes on inside the forbidden place due to its exclusivity....

Best game to play in class
Best game to play in class
Lily Carr, Naoma Huta, and Safya Biswal February 13, 2024

High school teachers with a few extra minutes to spare or a lack of lesson planning rejoice at the option of these “educational” games that keep their rowdy students at bay. The only issue these teachers...

PLEDGE TO END - The Disability Student Alliance created a pledge to end use of the r-slur. The DSA strives to create a safe environment for all by eliminating the use of the word at JR.
DSA spreads awareness for people with disabilities
February 13, 2024

Disability Awareness Month is coming up! The first Wednesday of March is National Spread The Word To End The Word day: a day spent educating people on the harmful effects of the r-slur, a word used to...

In-school fighting down 60 percent
Dani Wallace, Features Editor • February 13, 2024

The number of physical altercations at Jackson-Reed has significantly decreased this school year.  One of the most frequent causes of fights is disagreements between students. Ranging from simple difference...

Top ten things to do on Valentines day when you don't have a date
The Beacon Staff February 13, 2024

APUSH revisions Third wheel Touch grass Binge Love Island Do The Beacon crossword Ask out a crew kid Call your nana Snap your AI Listen to MGK Hide

Cultural studies should be a required elective
The Beacon Staff February 13, 2024

Jackson-Reed prides itself on its diversity, and its required courses should reflect that. All students must fulfill physical education, music, and art requirements, but there is one type of elective missing:...

As AI grows, we should learn to utilize it productively
As AI grows, we should learn to utilize it productively
Devan Mehta, Opinions Editor • February 13, 2024

As high school students, we are immersed in a constantly evolving world. Our generation has been the first to grow up in the era of social media and widespread internet use, which we have come to deeply...

Why Im done with DC
Why I'm done with DC
Vivian Parker, Written Content Editor • February 13, 2024

While I admire students who found their dream colleges in the DC area, I have a hard time relating to their choice to stay in such a familiar city.  I am not hating on people who want to live in DC....

A relaxed dress code promotes self-expression
A relaxed dress code promotes self-expression
Henley Kaminskas and Maddie Nusbaum February 13, 2024

At Jackson-Reed, most students understand that dress codes are unconventional. Students have the opportunity to arrive at school in any clothing of their choice, allowing them to display their unique personalities...

Finances weigh heavily on college admissions
Clara Doyle, Junior Editor • February 13, 2024

The college admissions process is biased and rigged. It favors wealthier students and leaves everyone else on the outside wondering how to get in. The lack of clarity on the admissions process, along with...

Balancing sports and religion is a delicate task
Noa Gordon, Section Copy Editor • February 13, 2024

Coming from a family that observes the Jewish Sabbath, a period of rest that lasts for 25 hours starting every Friday evening, I have been making sacrifices to balance my competing commitments to religious practice and sports since my elementary school days. I've had to miss countless tryouts and tournaments because they took place on Saturdays. While being photoshopped into team pictures because media...

EASY LAY - Senior Lucas Sekasi goes for a layup in the Den. The team has had a roaring season, acquiring the title of #21 in the nation.
Varsity boys’ basketball breaks ESPN’s Top 25
Justin Glenn, Assistant Sports Editor • February 13, 2024

The boys’ varsity basketball team has been on a train of momentum that hasn’t stopped. The Tigers were ranked No. 22 nationally in ESPN’s Top 25 last week. Through February 9, the team boasted a...

BALL OUT - Senior guard Moxie Coleman-Miller takes the ball down the
court. The girls’ basketball team is headed to the playoffs.
Lady Tigers look to carry momentum into playoffs
Alice Stillerman, Sports Editor • February 13, 2024

After an unprecedented trip to the Class A DCSAA championship last season, the girls basketball team marched into the 2024 season ready to build off their momentum and continue the turnaround of the JR...

TIGERS ON-COURT: Senior Scottie Hubbard attempting a three point shot against Gonzaga College High School on Dec. 10.
Jackson-Reed Boys Basketball reaches 21st in ESPN’s Top-25 national rankings
Justin Glenn, Assistant Sports Editor • January 24, 2024

Dominating competition both regionally and nationally draws waves of attention from many eyes. As the month of January has progressed, the Jackson-Reed boys varsity basketball team have continued their...

TIGERS ON-COURT: JR Boys varsity basketball during a game stoppage against Dunbar High School.  L to R: Scottie Hubbard, Jayden Fort, Lucas Sekasi and Joe McRae.
JR Boys basketball finds success on national stages
Justin Glenn, Assistant Sports Editor • January 9, 2024

Life traveling on the road can be hard, but the Jackson-Reed Boys varsity basketball team have proven otherwise. Over the last few weeks, the Tigers experienced the national spotlight: three different...

Girls’ basketball looks to build momentum
Sam Bigge, Junior Editor • December 18, 2023

For the better part of a decade, the Jackson-Reed girls’ basketball team has seen fairly limited success. But recently, their momentum has begun to change.   The Tigers have not won a DCIAA Championship...

My Georgetown adventure
Sabrina Bergeron, Junior Editor • February 13, 2024

On the first day of my dual enrollment class at Georgetown University, I walked in a bit shaky from the nerves of being in a new place surrounded by people older than me.  As a junior, I applied to participate in the DCPS Private University Dual Enrollment Program which allows students to take classes at a wide breadth of colleges in DC. Before classes began in August, Georgetown invited all Dual...

Day in the Life at JR and GW
Day in the Life at JR and GW
Dana Clocker, Copy Editor • February 13, 2024

5:30am - Wake up and drive to school to catch the team’s bus to the Takoma Aquatic Center for morning swim practice. 6:45am - Swim! 8:15am - Hop back on the bus with my fellow Tiger Sharks to return...

Dual enrollment: two approaches
Edith Corrigan Conaty, Spread Editor • February 13, 2024

Signing up for collegiate schoolwork and courseloads as a high schooler may be considered extreme, but some motivated students have pushed themselves to take on the challenge.  Dania Abdalla and Anna...

ACADEMIC WEAPON WES - Wesley Hoy flaunts his AU sweatshirt in front of the College of History. He rates his AU class, Statistical Programming in R, a 4/10.
My AU dual enrollment experience
Wesley Hoy, Web Technical Editor • February 13, 2024

Last year, senior friends raved about their amazing dual enrollment experiences. After completing the Computer Science Academy pathway at Jackson-Reed, taking a class at one of the schools offered in the...

February Spread
February Spread
Wesley Hoy, Dana Clocker, Caroline Reilly, and Sabrina Bergeron February 13, 2024

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FAQ's with Mr. Collins and Ms. Maites
Ava Serafino and Edith Corrigan Conaty February 13, 2024

With many students left unknowledgeable regarding dual enrollment, we asked Patrice Maites and Bobby Collins, the 11th-grade counselors, our burning questions. What grades can enroll? M: 9-12. ...

A sophomore’s perspective on taking a college-level class
Caroline Reilly, Contributor • February 13, 2024

In a program catered to high school seniors, taking college classes through dual enrollment while still navigating Jackson-Reed as a sophomore was unlike anything I have ever experienced. By bridging the...

Falta de Maestros
Riley MacClellan, Alexandra Cohen, and Arden Luckett February 13, 2024

Más de 30 profesores abandonaron la escuela secundaria Jackson-Reed el año pasado, lo que provocó que las clases estuvieran superpobladas. Esto provocó que los estudiantes fueran expulsados ​​involuntariamente...

Locaccion ideal para pasiar
February 13, 2024

No es secreto que la mayoria de la gente prefiere algun lugar calido y con playa para pasar sus vacaciones,...

Inmigrantes en Nueva York: La respuesta de Adams
Inmigrantes en Nueva York: La respuesta de Adams
February 13, 2024

El año pasado, más de cien mil inmigrantes de Latino America mudaron ciudades grandes en los Estados...

Jackson-Reed se enfoca en manejar peleas a través del personal de Cultura y Clima
February 13, 2024

  Comparativamente al año escolar anterior, el número de altercados físicos en Jackson-Reed...

Los estudiantes de ESOL tienen exito aunque sienten aislada
February 13, 2024

El programa de Inglés para Hablantes de Otros Idiomas (ESOL) está teniendo éxito en Jackson-Reed al...

The best pizza in Tenley
The best pizza in Tenley
Devan Mehta and Luther Hoy February 13, 2024

Picture this, you’re ravenous in Tenleytown, craving the most authentic Italian cuisine: cheese pizza. But with so many options, how are you ever supposed to decide where to eat? Many of the esteemed...

CHIC CAFE – Lolera and Setina take on the ranking of DC Cafes. Black Lion Cafe clinches first spot.
Cozy up at these DMV cafes
February 13, 2024

With the conclusion of the first semester, it’s only expected for students to seek refuge for a perfect...

How to land a valentine
How to land a valentine
February 13, 2024

As the season of love rolls into view, it’s time to make moves and get a Valentine. It might be a little...

Gag or Drag? Pink Friday 2
February 13, 2024

Rating: an easy 10/10 Two words could describe Nicki Minaj’s new album Pink Friday 2. Gag. City.  If...

Purple Patch: the best Filipino food Mount Pleasant has to offer
February 13, 2024

With eight years under their belt and likely many more to come, Purple Patch in Mount Pleasant has proven...

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