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100 word rants: Grammys, cold, mansplaining


If you paid attention to the Grammys this year, you may have seen the winners and noticed that originality was lacking. In 2024, it seems music is often made to be marketable on TikTok, as opposed to being a means of art and expression. Although the Grammys are not the most reliable informant of what “good” music is, looking at past years, where artists like The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Beatles used to rule the charts, the music of 2024 just seems bleak in comparison.

I hate cold

Moving into March, it’s been feeling like Mother Nature is playing some kind of prank. Every morning is a guessing game: what kind of clothes am I wearing? Big coat? Small coat? No coat? It’s driving me insane! The temperature changing 30 degrees over the course of a single day might just kill me. You’re telling me it’s going to be 38 degrees when I’m going to school and 62 when I leave? What’s that about? To conclude, winter sucks, and I am done with it. I’m moving on and moving up, and this temperature needs to follow me. So farewell winter, I’m giving you the coldest shoulder because I’m off to the beach!


Men are fine. They are just fine. But you know what I despise the most about them? MANSPLAINING. You do not know the burdens of being a woman until you have had a mediocre man reexplain something you have already clearly stated just because they are a man. Like, hey buddy, I know you think you have a million brain cells and are super cool because your mom tells you so, but you’re not. You don’t need to interrupt me, you don’t need to prove your masculinity, and you really shouldn’t use the fact you’re intimidated by me to make me feel inferior. Just stop talking! •

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