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JR union representative and teacher Rebecca Bradshaw-Smith rallies teachers at the March 8 demonstration. The Washington Teachers’ Union is pushing for an updated contract to provide teachers with better working conditions.

Teachers walk out

On March 8, teachers from multiple DCPS schools including Jackson-Reed, Alice Deal Middle School, Janney Elementary School, and Murch Elementary School, met at Nebraska Avenue and Chesapeake Street at...

Gag or Drag? Pink Friday 2

Henley Kaminskas and Javier Thompson February 13, 2024

Rating: an easy 10/10 Two words could describe Nicki Minaj’s new album Pink Friday 2. Gag. City.  If you are unfamiliar with the paradise, the metropolis, and the 8th wonder of the world known...

Teachers’ holiday break plans

Javier Thompson, Junior Editor December 18, 2023

The moment winter break begins, most of us leave as quickly as possible to begin our holiday plans. While staying at home and sleeping or taking a family trip might be one of your answers to the many break-centered...

“This is my personal nightmare”: a week of Mr. B’s outfits

Rohini Kieffer and Javier Thompson December 18, 2023

Beloved social studies teacher Matthew Burgoyne has been at Jackson-Reed for seven years. Yet this year, when you look at him, he has a new glow… but how? All year long, people have been talking. And...

Fight between Dunbar and JR students incites police response

Gil Leifman, Henley Kaminskas, and Javier Thompson November 1, 2023

On October 13, a large altercation occurred in Tenleytown between students of Dunbar High School and Jackson-Reed, inciting a heavy police response. This event happened after the Jackson-Reed vs. Dunbar...

New additions to administration hope to better the Jackson-Reed community

Javier Thompson and Henley Kaminskas October 12, 2023

As the new school year kicks off, you may have noticed unfamiliar faces in the halls- and we’re not just referring to the freshmen class, but the administrators telling them where to go.   The...

100 word rants: Mosquitoes, pride, drivers

Be. Who. You. Are. For. Pride. Guys, pride month is HERE! Blast the Cupcakke and Lady Gaga, turn up the Beyoncé, because this pride month will be crazy. Call up Frankie Grande and every gay you know and...

Valentine’s day bash or crash?

Javier Thompson and Henley Kaminskas April 13, 2023

Quick poll: who here bought a ticket to the Valentine’s Day Bash? We asked 100 students in the Atrium this question during STEP. Out of all 100 students, only one had purchased a ticket, and they claimed...

December Spread

December Spread

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