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The Student Newspaper of Jackson-Reed High School

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The Student Newspaper of Jackson-Reed High School

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Sophia’s Playlist!

Sophia Ibrahim, Executive Editor March 10, 2023

This playlist is exactly what you need for a good time. A collection of instrumentals ranging from South Asian psychedelic funk to African postcolonial jazz, these songs embody calm and steady good vibes,...

Movie review! Avatar: The Way of Water

Sarah Rose Wiesenfelder and Kalpana Shipler March 10, 2023

Rating: 8/10 After over a decade since last seeing the Sully family, it is time to head back to the theater for James Cameron’s sequel to his immensely popular movie, “Avatar.” “Avatar: The...

2022 in media!

Simon Holland, Style Editor March 10, 2023

Every year, it feels like a million and one new movies, shows, albums, podcasts, video games, books, and more come out, a crippling FOMO takes over as you try and figure out what you do and don’t want...

Call Your Mother takes Little Red Fox’s place on Connecticut Avenue

Lily Carr, Junior Editor March 10, 2023

Ever since Little Red Fox closed, I’ve been left with a fox-sized hole in my heart. The pandemic had created what I thought would be a lifelong routine of getting a Fox BLT every week. Leading up to...

Comfort foods: Finishing the winter off, as cozy as can be

Louise Reyes-Gavilan and Daniel Marks March 10, 2023

While the days begin to get longer and we wait for spring to approach, we all need a little pick-me-up to help us get through the remaining winter months, and what better than our favorite comfort foods?...

Faculty Favorites! Recipe Edition: Mr. Salas’s Gallo Pinto

Maya Roskes, Junior Editor March 10, 2023

Spanish teacher Javier Salas has a yummy, hearty, and easy breakfast recipe for anyone with basic cooking skills. It is a Costa Rican breakfast dish called “gallo pinto,” which translates to “spotted...

Eating at every restaurant in Tenleytown: here’s what I learned

Luther Hoy, Contributor March 10, 2023

Spanning seven blocks with over 25 restaurants, the Tenleytown eating scene overwhelms you with options. Is the convenience of the nearby Wawa worth the 3:30 mob of hungry students? What if you’re dying...

Album Review: SOS by SZA 

Nicole Dickinson, Contributor March 10, 2023

Rating: 9/10   After releasing Ctrl in 2017, the release of SZA’s sophomore studio album, SOS, was highly anticipated. Let’s just say it was worth the wait! Starting off strong with the...

Local Business Feature: Femme Fatale

Edith Corrigan Conaty, Junior Editor March 10, 2023

When walking towards Femme Fatale, it’s hard to miss. Its vibrant storefront in Cleveland Park welcomes you in with its painted window and colorful signage. Selling clothes to candles, posters to pottery,...

Author Highlight: Stephen King

Ethan Stoll, Contributor March 10, 2023

Stephen King is one of the best-known modern-day authors, and for good reason. King is able to expertly draw a reader in and make them care for the characters in a novel. I highly recommend his works to...

Movie review: Babylon

Albert Malhotra, Multimedia Editor March 10, 2023

Rating: 4/10   Through three hours of pure entertainment, Babylon’s problems outweigh its beauty. Though writer and director Damien Chazelle shows qualities that make him one of the industry’s...

Winter play spotlight: Girls Like That

Norah Caplan, Junior Editor March 10, 2023

The Jackson-Reed theater department’s next must-see Players production, “Girls Like That,” is coming to the Black Box stage on February 9, 10, and 11.  The show follows high school senior Scarlett...

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