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Lolera Tesema

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor

When she’s not too busy being a master at finding people’s look-alike or sharing her opinion despite not being asked to, you can find Lolera critiquing study cafes more than she’s actually studying. Or, you’ll catch her reorganizing her Notion and Pinterest boards for the 58th time while sipping the Pumpkin Spice Latte she successfully convinced the Starbucks worker to make ... despite it being 97 degrees in summer.

  • 2021-23: Junior Editor
  • 2023-24: Opinions Editor
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Effects of racial disparities remain in DC schools

Lolera Tesema and Wesley Hoy May 3, 2024

During the “separate but equal” era of education before the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954, DC had seven all-white high public schools. Meanwhile, people of color were taught...

Who’s really to blame for the lack of #TigerPride?

Who’s really to blame for the lack of #TigerPride?

Lolera Tesema and Luther Hoy March 29, 2024

From pep rallies to spirit weeks, homecoming, and town halls, the school offers a lot of school spirit events. In fact, this year many have noticed a sharp increase in the number of activities Jackson-Reed’s...

E-BIKE LEGEND: Jake from “Jake’s E-Bike Repairs” is seen here posing with his custom-built bike in front of Jackson-Reed

Man behind the helmet: Jake Hamilton’s E-bike Repair Shop

Lolera Tesema and Luther Hoy February 27, 2024

As the school bell rings at 3:30 pm, the student exodus begins, with everyone running as fast as possible to get to their afterschool activities. All of a sudden, you see a flame-haired man in his leather...

CHIC CAFE – Lolera and Setina take on the ranking of DC Cafes. Black Lion Cafe clinches first spot.

Cozy up at these DMV cafes

Lolera Tesema and Setina Dawit February 13, 2024

With the conclusion of the first semester, it’s only expected for students to seek refuge for a perfect place to end the intense procrastination and “lock-in.” Now us? We practically spend more hours...

Beyond the cries: Biomedical Sciences

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor January 24, 2024

The SciMaTech Academy here at Jackson-Reed has three pathways: Engineering, Information Technology, and the infamous Biomedical Sciences. We all know the secret prayers you send to someone you’ve just...

Boldly Believing

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor December 18, 2023

Many religions are centered around centuries of history, beliefs, and traditions that vary by family, culture, or ethnicity. For many, religion provides guidance, a sense of purpose, and a source of comfort....

100 word rants: Shorts, Cold classrooms, Spotify Wrapped

Norah Caplan, Lolera Tesema, and Vivian Parker December 18, 2023

Shorts It’s officially December, which means it's officially winter. Which is NOT the time for people to wear shorts. Yet for some reason every morning I see a dude wearing a T-shirt and shorts walking...

Affirmative Action: Why is it important?

Affirmative Action: Why is it important?

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor October 11, 2023

As an African daughter of Ethiopian Immigrants, my parents came to America with the hope their sacrifices and dreams for a better future would be realized on this soil. However, the overturning of affirmative...

Jackson-Reed’s silence

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor July 19, 2023

Gun violence has become an all-too-familiar headline in recent years, tearing communities apart and irreversibly changing lives forever. We are, and have been, living in an environment where the safety...

I hate summer, and you should too

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor June 21, 2023

It is me. I’m the lovely co-editor who is an unapologetic summer hater. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the hype. We’re in school for so long with such little time to relax, so summer should be...

Cherry blossoms kick off springtime

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor May 21, 2023

Time for everyone to grab their Claritin and cameras, because the cherry blossoms are back! Spring has sprung in Washington, DC, and it’s that time of the year where the whole city turns pink.  In...

Black women and feminism: exploring the racism within the feminist movement and how it appears in our own school culture

Lolera Tesema and Vivian Parker May 12, 2023

Black women are one of the most disrespected groups in America.  In our society, the “angry Black woman” stereotype is used to portray Black women as inherently ill-mannered, aggressive, and rude....

“Don’t say period” law is harmful and dangerous

“Don’t say period” law is harmful and dangerous

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor May 12, 2023

It wasn't enough for Floridians to eliminate LGBTQ+ education or to censor the AP African American Studies curriculum; now they're trying to ban discussions of women's health. The menstrual cycle is...

Juniors need a break too

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor March 18, 2023

What a year it's been. Many of us spent our first year of high school glued to a screen. I can still recall the tiresome feeling of getting up at 9 a.m. every day, opening my laptop, clicking "Join meeting,"...

Regina McClure: The glue to Jackson-Reed’s SciMaTech academies

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor March 18, 2023

Jackson-Reed High School opened up the school year with a new addition to its administration: Regina McClure. The NAF director who can juggle meetings like a gymnast, and make a schedule look like a work...

The importance of self care in difficult times

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor March 18, 2023

It's so easy to lose oneself in these challenging circumstances, with everything going on: Covid 19 for the previous two years, countless losses, war, and distancing. Although each student's and teacher's...

100 word rant: Winter

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor December 18, 2022

Let’s be real, winter is unquestionably better than summer. Who actually wants to live in 100-degree weather all the time? Summer comes with sweat, sunburns, that horrible smell on public transit, and,...

100 word rant: Slow walkers

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor May 18, 2022

Are you trying to be funny? We all have things to do, people to see, and classes to go to. Sure, we all do our own thing in between our classes, but if you’re walking at one mph, expect to be tumbled over....

I don’t feel comfortable going back to school

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor January 19, 2022

Woah, woah, woah! So you're telling me that after we had a spike in Covid cases and came back from winter break with even more cases, we're still doing in person?  Coming back to school during the...

Give seniors a home during free periods

Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor November 6, 2021

It's unfair to have to choose between two alternatives when you don't like either. This is the exact predicament seniors with have free periods are in: go off campus, or face the school library. Instead,...

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