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Cozy up at these DMV cafes

Setina Dawit
CHIC CAFE – Lolera and Setina take on the ranking of DC Cafes. Black Lion Cafe clinches first spot.

With the conclusion of the first semester, it’s only expected for students to seek refuge for a perfect place to end the intense procrastination and “lock-in.” Now us? We practically spend more hours at these cafes than we do in our own beds, making us the perfect people to recommend some of our favorite study cafes where you can become the academic weapon we know you are! 

Capital One Cafe, Georgetown – 4/5
A bank-endorsed cafe sure does know how to make a public place so cozy and homey – just right enough to register a few more customers. Whether you’re a Capital One customer or not, it’s the perfect atmosphere with three home-like decorated floors; each filled with people who all have one collective goal: get it done. Though we can’t say the same for the very limited menu, but that’s what you get for going to a commercial-based cafe. 

Black Lion Cafe, Downtown Silver Spring – 4.5/5
Yes, we know, who would want to go to Silver Spring just for a cafe? But this isn’t just any cafe. Black Lion is a haven for ambiance lovers full of dedicated young students, giving you just the right amount of motivation to pull out that APUSH reading. Their R&B playlist is so good that you can forget your AirPods. However, the taste of the pastries can be a bit of a gamble, so we suggest sticking to the classics.

Maman, NoMa – 3.75/5
Maman is a beautifully lit, greenery-draped, French cafe, home to our number one menu. They have a huge variety of food, from Belgian waffles to Croque Monsieurs, and (most importantly) all types of caffeinated drinks to keep you grinding. Despite this, we’re not sure how long you could keep on that grind because its vibe is lacking in the ‘I need to lock in’ department, but perfect for that once-in-a-year awkward-family reunion brunch.

Compass Coffee, Georgetown – 3.9/5
Imagine the ultimate workspace – laptops open, light music, and everyone around you being productive. Compass Coffee has that vibe- it’s basically a library but with the sounds of an espresso machine in the background. However, breaks are needed, as the white and sterile decor might leave you feeling like you’re in a hospital waiting room. On the bright side, they nailed it in the taste department, but don’t expect a feast–the portion sizes are for toddlers. 

May your caffeine be strong, your Wi-Fi be stable, and your procrastination tendencies, well, at least slightly subdued. Happy grinding!

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Lolera Tesema, Opinions Editor
When she’s not too busy being a master at finding people’s look-alike or sharing her opinion despite not being asked to, you can find Lolera critiquing study cafes more than she’s actually studying. Or, you’ll catch her reorganizing her Notion and Pinterest boards for the 58th time while sipping the Pumpkin Spice Latte she successfully convinced the Starbucks worker to make ... despite it being 97 degrees in summer.
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