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Beyond the cries: Biomedical Sciences

The SciMaTech Academy here at Jackson-Reed has three pathways: Engineering, Information Technology, and the infamous Biomedical Sciences. We all know the secret prayers you send to someone you’ve just met when they tell you they’re a part of biomed, and while those prayers are sometimes necessary, allow me to shed a piece of the light at the end of the tunnel that we Biomedical Ambassadors look to.

This pathway isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s a four-year commitment that demands resilience and dedication. Sure, there are tears, and yes, complaints that echo year round in the hallways, but there is a sense of accomplishment in each milestone. 

The Biomedical Sciences Pathway offers a buffet of opportunities that remain unparalleled in other walks of life. Throughout the school year and even during the breaks, there is something always available for us to do that not only is beneficial to our education and experiences, but also fun! 

It is required for us to do an internship for a minimum of 80 hours. While it may sound like a pain to complete, it was definitely a memorable experience many of us have shared. I had the amazing opportunity to do an internship with the Georgetown School of Medicine, where there were opportunities to shadow surgeons, radiologists, and physician assistants, along with working with the nationally known Dean of the School. There is no world where I could ever get an opportunity like this and this is just one of the many.

The pathway also isn’t just all research and testing—when it comes to field trips, we are unmatched! We’re not just talking about an occasional museum visit; we’re going ice-skating and sipping hot cocoa, meeting with professionals from the Association of American Medical Colleges, and so much more! 

Amid the academic rigor, there is an immense amount of support. Mentorship and tutoring services are offered to everyone in the pathway—one of the many positions where students are able to take a lead. What sets us apart is that this is the fact that we are a student-run academy, where students lead and plan meetings, clubs, field trips, volunteering, and events. This is a community where our voices not only matter, but actively shape our academic landscape. 

While the Biomedical Sciences courses hold definitely one of the most challenging curriculums at the school, it is also a doorway to experiences and connections that shape not just our education but who we are once we leave. So, when people throw those knowing glances at the mention of Biomed and wonder why continue to go through everything we complain of, these are just some of the reasons why we stay!

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