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100 word rants: Shorts, Cold classrooms, Spotify Wrapped


It’s officially December, which means it’s officially winter. Which is NOT the time for people to wear shorts. Yet for some reason every morning I see a dude wearing a T-shirt and shorts walking into school, acting like it’s totally normal to dress like you’re in California. News flash, no one thinks it’s cool to wear short sleeves in freezing temperatures. The only thing your poor clothing choices do is make people (me) cringe at the thought of how cold you must be. So put on a freaking sweater (maybe even pants!) and act like a normal human being who dresses normally for the weather.

Pick one!

It’s 45 degrees outside, the sidewalks are icy, and you hear people’s teeth chattering. So WHY in the world is it colder in our classrooms? Yet as I go to my next class, praying for just a slither of warmth, it’s suddenly boiling hot. We all know the school is incredibly indecisive about numerous things, but why oh why does temperature have to be one of them? The teachers can’t control it, the administrators can’t control it – so who’s to blame? Give me five minutes in a room with them and I promise this will all be sorted out.

Move over

Spotify Wrapped is THE major event that arrives every late November. It’s time to brutally judge everyone’s music taste. Many of you for the past couple of months have strategically played the music that will give you the most compliments. We know you’re itching to be the person with “obscure, underground music taste,” when in reality, your top artist this year was Drake. Don’t get me started on the non-Spotify listeners–no hate to anyone of them, but you will not catch me sharing my top artists on YouTube Music this year.

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