Teacher fashion feature: Ms. Dunn


Photo Courtesy of Katie Crouch

Katie Crouch, Contributor

From slingback kitten heels to snakeskin boots, Ms. Dunn of African American History and Culture fame has a style unparalleled in the halls of Jackson Reed. 

When one looks around our wonderfully overcrowded school, they witness a sea of black and gray, of laid back silhouettes of hoodies and sweats, with only the occasional statement shoe or jacket. Ms. Dunn brings a much-needed vibrancy to our often dull and visually uninteresting classrooms. 

I first met Ms. Dunn during third period, and in the low-yet-harsh lighting of the book distribution closet that Jackson Reed dresses up as a classroom, I was immediately struck by her bright red pantsuit. With a beautifully cut blazer and a pair of cigarette slacks, accented with a white blouse and a classic black shoe, she perfectly straddled the line between professional and chic. 

A few weeks ago Ms. Dunn walked into class with the outfit that inspired this article: a business in the front/ party in the back look featuring a below- the- knee black horseback riding boot with a snakeskin accent adorning the back half of the calf, a slim khaki pant, a leopard print blouse and a black suit  jacket. Her use of black and beige, traditionally neutral and understated colors in combination with the bold animal prints, creates an overall cohesive look that is both sharp and engaging. 

Along with her passion for bright colors and funky prints, Ms. Dunn never sacrifices her silhouettes for her color pallet. Her often traditionally western silhouettes fit perfectly, which is no easy feat to achieve with the stretch-free woven fabrics that office wear is often made of, especially when one is looking for unique colors and prints. 

Along with her collection of colorful and well cut outfits, Ms. Dunn sports a gorgeous hairstyle with a honey-brown section on the crown of her head, framing her face in a soft side part with a delicate swoosh, and loosely curled dark brown strands occupying the rest of her head. 

From head to toe Ms. Dunn brings a refreshingly put together and fun look to our school. •