Georgetown’s Sunday flea market is the place to be

Francesca Purificato, Managing Editor

The famous Georgetown flea market, located in the parking lot of Hardy Middle School, comes alive every Sunday as vendors set up and customers jump from tent to tent. 

The sellers, who come from a variety of different backgrounds, are super friendly, adding to the fun atmosphere of the market.  They usually greet you with a warm hello, and if you stay long enough, an in-depth conversation will likely ensue, whether about the product or something completely different. 

Shifting from booth to booth is almost like walking into different stores, each their own. Jewelry, clothes, and shoes were scattered throughout the market, but each vendor was unique, bringing their own style and creativity to the table. There were also things like paintings, antiques, and vintage cameras so if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll love this market.

When it comes to keeping up with trends, it’s a hit or miss. Some booths had items you might find on Depop, while others strayed into a more unique and handmade style. Jewelry consisted mainly of silver and along with stones or crystals. You could find rings, bracelets, and earrings ranging in any size and color imaginable.

What was fascinating about the market is that absolutely anyone can get a booth there. All you need is a table, some products, and 25 bucks to secure your slot. It might mean fewer hours of sleep due to the fierce competition to get a good spot in the lot, but every seller agrees it’s worth it. 

The market was highly popular amongst young people–there were many groups of adolescents and young adults–it was very crowded. 

Whether you’re passing through, or looking for something to buy, the flea market will be sure to entertain you, if not provide you with your next favorite item. •