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The Student Newspaper of Jackson-Reed High School

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The Student Newspaper of Jackson-Reed High School

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JR student jobs: Busser, receptionist, referee

Maya Roskes, Section Copy Editor November 21, 2023

Here at Jackson-Reed, students have an abundance of choices on how to spend their free time. Many students have decided to undergo the difficult yet rewarding task of balancing both their tedious school...

ARTSY MUCH? - Revered rival reviewers Rebecca Green and
Francesca Purificato are all smiles in front of the daunting Duke
Ellington School of the Arts.

Rival Reviews: Duke Ellington

Becca Green and Francesca Purificato November 21, 2023

After our last review, we didn’t know if we could return. Sike. We didn’t flinch and we’re back for more. Put down your algebraic equations and sentence starters, today’s warmups involve solfege...

Walking in: office or closet?

Dani Wallace, Features Editor November 21, 2023

Walking into school from the pool entrance, out of the corner of your eye, you see a door labeled “Mary’s Office.” “How can that be an office?” you wonder.  Its inhabitant is school-based...

What JR says about you: uncovering the TikTok series

Javi Thompson, Junior Editor November 21, 2023

Many of you may have come across the circulating TikTok that features revealing information about Jackson-Reed. TikToker @Nickypinsker has a collection of videos with a recurring theme: "What your [state/city]...

TIGERS LEND A HELPING PAW - Volunteer at Northwest Food Pantry organizes food for the 200+ families in need. Northwest
Food Pantry creates a warm community that helps those in need.

A look into the Northwest Community Food Pantry

Ben Holland, Contributor November 21, 2023

The Northwest Community Food Pantry in Van Ness is a food bank that serves 200-240 households weekly. It has been running for two years, supplying food and cleaning supplies to low-income residents in...

Great Lakes, Chicago, Illinois: Mullen at Recruit Training Command in 1996.

JR Veteran’s Day Profile – Mark Mullen: a presence in the service and on the sidelines

Justin Glenn, Assistant Sports Editor November 8, 2023

In honor of Veterans Day, we celebrate a veteran of our own, Mark Mullen, In-School Suspension Coordinator and JR varsity football offensive coordinator.  Mullen is a military service veteran who served...

Bach Chat: the best club at JR?

Nicole Dickinson, Junior Editor November 7, 2023

Jackson-Reed is home to many clubs, including the Pop Culture club, unofficially given the name Bach Chat. . Bach Chat is exactly what it sounds like: chatting about The Bachelor. While I don’t quite...

WISP academy welcomes Japanese exchange students

Willa Marks and Francesca Krevat November 3, 2023

On October 16, about 100 Japanese exchange students stepped foot into Jackson-Reed. They came to the nation’s capital and had the opportunity to experience the average day of an American high school...

Photo by Kira Mitchner, poster by Maya Szymanski

Pinktober: beyond the pink ribbons

Caroline Reilly, Contributor November 3, 2023

As we move further into the month of November, we are presented with the opportunity to reflect on October. You may have noticed a sudden influx of all things pink—from clothing to hand crafted posters...

SUPER STUDENT LEADERS - Amani Onyekwere poses in front of ROAR pep rally poster. Jackson-Reed’s SGA has big plans for the 2023-24 school year.

SGA’s new leadership means business

Chyna Holloway, Contributor October 19, 2023

The Student Government Association (SGA) plays an important role at Jackson-Reed by providing students with opportunities to share ideas and opinions and improve our school overall. This year, the SGA...

Be extravagant with extracurriculars

Alice Patterson and Meredith Page October 18, 2023

The immense pressure to get into college is a familiar one in this day and age, whether it’s coming from parents, teachers, administrators, or peers. As college applications draw closer, it is common...

Academies lays out new goals for the year

Clara Doyle, Junior Editor October 18, 2023

This school year, Principal Sah Brown has made a point of improving and increasing student participation in Jackson-Reed academies. Academies are a series of classes related to one academic area. The classes...

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