Disability Student Alliance hopes to create a safe space for disabled students

Becca Green, Features Editor

Formed in December 2022 the Disability Student Alliance (DSA) is “bringing those who are disabled and disability allies together,” said founder Edie Young. 

I have multiple disabilities and notice that people aren’t always very accepting of disabilities,” Young said. Young continued that she constantly hears students using harmful slurs and wanted to “create a space where people could come and know they would be accepted.” Young also hopes the club will serve as a medium for advocacy. 

Meetings take place on Wednesdays during STEP in room 316B. The club prides itself on being inclusive. Students “shouldn’t be afraid to join if [they] want to, because everyone who wants to join is welcome,” said Young. 

During meetings, club members play games like jeopardy or Kahoot, have open discussions, plan upcoming events, or even just hang out. The alliance also had a crossover meeting with the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA). Young explained that it’s important for various clubs to meet in order to “[promote] diversity and learn about various topics.”

The club is currently planning a disability fair which will take place in the Atrium on March 29. The fair will feature six tables, each with information on a specific topic ranging from physical disabilities to mental health.