Brrrr… Unpredictable weather during the J-R athletics season leaves students freezing

Lila Chesser, Written Content Editor

It’s no accident that tigers have fur, but for athletes who haven’t grown their winter coats yet, there are other strategies for staying warm while playing winter sports.

When the weather falls below forty degrees, canceling practice might be the only way to keep warm. If such weather persists, you could move your season to the spring or fall. However, in the event that referees and other league teams are unwilling to agree to such a change, there are many ways to stay warm while continuing to play outside. 

One strategy might include chugging a hot beverage before practice begins. With more heat inside you, it will take longer for your body to lose heat completely, keeping you warmer longer. In contrast, chugging ice water before practice might have an even better effect as it could make cold weather seem like nothing. 

Running laps around the track a time or twenty may also increase your body’s circulation. Another method that could yield similar results would be to run up and down the bleachers.

In the event that such methods leave you feeling faint or out of breath, you could try huddling together with your teammates for a few minutes in an effort to consolidate heat. This tactic is most effective right after you go outside when your bodies still have some warmth left. 

Finally, if all else fails, you could take a bunch of space heaters, borrow extension cords from the storage closets, and place them around the exterior of your practice space––facing inward, of course. •