Meredith Page and Amina Brown

This month, Jackson-Reed recognizes football star Ian Wall’s recent athletic accomplishments. Although Wall has only been playing football for two years, his skills on the field speak for themselves. Wall tried out for the team during his junior year in hopes of being a kicker, but Minoso Rodgers, coach of the JR Varsity Football team, saw potential for him as a linebacker. 

Wall attended Janney Elementary and then Alice Deal Middle. Growing up, he played soccer and lacrosse. When asked how his teammates and coaches would describe him, Wall replied, “hardworking, and a leader.”

Recruitment is a main focus of senior athletes. Wall has been offered spots at multiple different high-merit schools such as Georgetown University, Davidson College, and Lafayette University. However, on October 10th Wall announced his commitment to Cornell University. 

When picking which school he wanted to commit to he didn’t just look at their athletic department, but also their academics. Wall received lots of love from the Cornell coach, which shaped his decision. He added, “My linebacker coach recruited me very hard, and he’s been recruiting me for the past eight months.”

Wall’s skills displayed during the Homecoming game against Eastern. During the second half, Wall stopped Eastern from getting a two point conversion. He also ended the game with nine tackles, one fumble recovery, and one TFL (tackle for loss). 

When playing on a team, supporting each other on the field is essential. Wall explained that, “not being selfish, and giving it your all” were crucial components of being on a team. Furthermore, when asked how he stands out, he explained that he does well at tracking the ball. “I stand out by being everywhere on the field, chasing down plays.” 

Getting to where Wall is in such a short amount of time seems nearly impossible, but it didn’t happen overnight. Wall has had to put in countless hours to get where he is now. Putting in effort and having an important support system played a big role in his success. “Just working hard, it’s the biggest thing, putting in the extra time,” Wall explained. Outside of practice, Wall lifts weights, runs, and stretches, to stay in shape. Wall’s advice to other athletes and new players is to listen to both the players and your coaches. “Sometimes you gotta put your head down and work,” he explained, “even if you can’t see the finish line.” •