Did COVID kill school spirit?

Josephine Caplan and Willa Marks

After years of sports titles and academic achievements, you’d think that our school would be more spirited than it is. As a high school that dominates in pretty much every field, where is our enthusiasm?

Before the pandemic, tiger pride flourished and Jackson-Reed’s school spirit was booming. Students meticulously crafted outfits for the different themes of spirit week. From pajamas to tutus and face paint, students competed with each other to go the most all out. During football and basketball games, kids packed the student section cheering for Jackson-Reed while the band blasted hype songs. The hallways buzzed in anticipation of upcoming school dances. There was a sense of belonging and community at Jackson-Reed that was fostered by our school spirit. 

Now, after COVID, where has our spirit gone? Spirit week has become a shell of its former self: no class colors, no tutus, no face paint. Since our name change, passion is minimal. Attendance at football games has reached pitiful lows and although a student section is formed at basketball games, it is nothing like it once was. Now, school dances are being canceled because not enough tickets were sold. The sense of school spirit and community that Jackson-Reed once had is gone. 

While our school spirit has been diminished since the pandemic hit, we are slowly building it back. Spirit has increased since last year, when student participation hit its lowest point, but it still has not been restored to pre-pandemic levels. Students often only want to participate in spirit activities if others do so. This mentality is holding us back from returning to our former glory! Dressing up during spirit week or going all out at a sports game may seem intimidating, but you’ll regret not participating once high school is over. We only spend four short years at Jackson-Reed, so don’t waste them worrying about what other people are doing. Live, laugh, roar!