I tried all the Tenley convenience stores so you don’t have to

Anjali Dave, Contributor

Once 3:30 comes and it’s time to leave school, students all need somewhere to go and something to do. Since Tenleytown has plenty of options to choose from, we thought we would check out the four main convenience stores in the neighborhood.

First up, we have Wawa, a destination for students with one goal in mind: to get food. Wawa is home to a variety of chips, candy, soda, and gum for those who want to treat themselves. Those a little bit more famished can grab a sandwich, pastry, or slushy that saves them a treacherous trip to the 7/11. Wawa does have its share of flaws, and almost every student knows the pain of waiting in line to get in, before giving up after 15 minutes and heading home. But on the days when self-checkout works and the snacks are fully stocked, it is the perfect pit stop before heading home.

Next comes CVS, a neighborhood must. CVS offers up most of the same snacks and soda that other stores provide, but it’s a great place to go for those wanting to grab some food and perhaps a new bottle of nail polish. However, CVS has a very rocky relationship with Jackson-Reed students, resulting in their new policies that limit the number of high school students in the store after school ends. This can put quite a damper on things, and can make that after-school run for a snack quite the hassle. If you can get past the bouncers, however, consider picking up a cute Valentine’s card.

Third, we have Target, the place to wander with friends or shop for a last-minute birthday gift. Target has endless options, from party-size bags of Doritos, to the perfect graphic tee, to the specialty aisles currently filled with heart candies and Fun Dip. At its core, Target is a superstore, meaning it will always have what you need, no matter the situation. So whether you want a large place to roam around with your friends, or you have to go run an errand for your parents, Target is a great staple to have in the neighborhood.

Last and definitely least, we have 7/11. This conveniently out-of-the-way convenience store is great for those wishing to face their claustrophobia, or who wish to hear the cashier and Amazon delivery man argue over who broke what. 7/11 will be stocked with the classic chips, candy, gum, and soda combination. But at the end of the day, the classic slushies may be their only saving grace for making the long trek over. In the end, it’s probably best we leave this one to the AU students. •