Top 10 things to do when you get back in the Wilson building

The Beacon Staff

  1. Walk up four flights of stairs at 8:40 in the morning just because
  2. Search for ancient discarded Beacons
  3. Drink some of that delicious skin-clearing trash can water in the atrium
  4. Get in some exercise by taking out the ergs and blasting music in the cafeteria
  5. Feed the mice
  6. Skip a week! February break still exists, right?
  7. Use DCPS wifi to download 70 different things at once (for ‘class’)
  8. Relive some of Wilson’s greatest fights 6 feet apart
  9. Invite 2,000 of your closest friends to stand in line at security for hours
  10. Rub Coach Mark’s forehead three times to wish for soap in the bathrooms