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Best game to play in class

James Davis

High school teachers with a few extra minutes to spare or a lack of lesson planning rejoice at the option of these “educational” games that keep their rowdy students at bay. The only issue these teachers have encountered is determining which game is superior. Until now.


As Kahoot’s dominance in the game world weakens, we did some research beyond its trademark four-color format, a version only measuring your clicking speed (-1 point). We were excited to find out about its new features, but unfortunately capitalist Kahoot charges $120/year for their 11 additional games including AI-assisted games (-4 points)?

Kahoot fosters “friendly” competition by displaying leaderboard statistics, unionizing classes over their mutual hatred for that kid who’s always 1st place (+5 points). In the event that you are the only one who gets an answer wrong, EVERYONE will be on the hunt for your bright red screen. But don’t worry, we know that it was just a misclick (-1 if you got the question wrong). 

Kahoot’s avatars are noticeably ugly, but they have customizable accessories, so a reluctant +1 point. 

Overall, Kahoot is a solid game, but no one really enjoys it. However, it is better than doing classwork (+4 points).

Total: 5/10 points

Blooket: Blooket’s high rating is heavily influenced by the adorable and collectable “blooks” (+5 points). However, its difficulty pronouncing (bluekit? bluckit?) has produced lots of confusion (-1 points).

Although Blooket holds a large variety of fun games (+2 points), its existence is very niche and underground—if 2020 alt indie music was a game, it would be Blooket (-1 points). Blooket’s diverse games that allow you to steal money from other people will excite any class (+2 points). 

Total: 7/10 points

Gimkit: When functioning properly, Gimkit is our favorite study game. It requires minimal question answering and fosters a not so friendly competitive environment (+9 points). When glitching, Gimkit becomes a severely stressful environment. The devastating pain of being on the sixth level of Don’t Look Down and DCPS-MESH unexpectedly pushes your character off of a ledge is something no one should have to experience (-3 points). Sadly, “Gim” characters are expensive to purchase (-1 points). Overall, Gimkit contains a variety of engaging and free (cough Kahoot) games to choose from (+3 points).

Total: 8/10 points

Based on these extremely scientific ratings that are not at all influenced by our collective Gimkit addiction, we recommend that all teachers in classrooms with reliable wifi add Gimkit to their repertoire of games.

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