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Who has the best jersey? Reviewing fall uniforms

Carmen Brito

As fall sports come to an end, their jerseys will not be forgotten. As the season closes out, we’ve meticulously researched and gathered enough data to rank our teams from best to worst. 

  1. Girls Soccer: Not only were their jerseys personalized with the players last name on the back, but unlike some  other JR uniforms, there weren’t excessive stripes (I’m looking at you boys soccer). 
  2. Field Hockey: The jerseys consist of  skirts with a racerback top. They have stripes on the sides of both the top and skirt with a tiger logo on the skirt, which isn’t too noticeable. 
  3. Football: There are stripes on the helmet with JR, but the actual jerseys don’t really stand out, but not in a bad way. The jersey itself is white with green lettering and the player’s numbers are center front accompanied with JR on each sleeve. The green version of the jersey has stripes behind the number which seem to be a JR staple. 

We’ve now arrived in our middle-ranking jerseys. These jerseys are ranked four through six and while they may not be the best jerseys, they are definitely not the worst. 

  1. Cheer: The cheer uniform uses the classic cheer skirt and sleeveless top combo and of course sports our green and white school colors. While nothing is wrong with the outfit it feels as if something is missing. Plus, it must be noted the green utilized is much brighter than on other green jerseys. 
  2. Volleyball: These long-sleeve jerseys are gray with green lettering and white outlines. Volleyball would have a solid jersey if it weren’t for the strange ombre stripe going diagonally across the shirt that clashes with the lettering. 
  3. Cross Country: At first glance these jerseys look great. They have the school mascot (a tiger) front and center on the chest, but it is a second look when you realize that all of the jerseys have strange and distracting diagonal striping in either white or green. All in all there seems to be a theme developing with Jackson-Reed and unnecessary stripes.

Finally, the bottom ranking jerseys: crew and boys soccer. While both are successful teams, their jerseys need some work. 

  1. Crew: The Jackson-Reed crew team sports a black bodysuit/wetsuit as their “jerseys”. They have vertical green stripes down the sides with white accents and there is a crew logo made of two oars on the front in the middle of the “jersey”. While we have discovered that most crew uniforms aren’t great, we can do better. Instead of the thick stripes on the sides, you could change it to a single color of thinner stripes.
  2. Boys Soccer: This jersey struggles with a few aspects. The green striped shirts need to go. Not only is it unflattering, but it distracts you from looking at the number, which is also on the back. These infamous boys jerseys should change next season to emulate the girl’s jerseys. After all, it’s the same sport. 

Overall, Jackson-Reed’s sports teams have had a successful fall season and the jerseys do not reflect the players athletic abilities, if they did we’d be in trouble.

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