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Visiting colleges offer on-site admissions to students

Maisie Derlega

Multiple colleges have come to Jackson-Reed to offer on-site admissions to seniors. On Wednesday, November 9th, 7 seniors were offered on-site admissions at the Trinity Washington University college visit. At the HBCU college fair on October 5th, other colleges also had the opportunity to offer on-site admissions to seniors. Although on-site admissions have been offered by colleges in recent years, not many students are aware of this opportunity. 

On-site admissions mean that a college can offer admission to a student on the spot. The schools that offer this, including the University of the District of Columbia and Delaware State University, base the admissions process on the strength of transcripts. 

In order to be eligible for consideration for on-site admissions, a student usually must submit an online application and show the admissions representative their transcript in person. This process allows students to simply approach representatives at college events or fairs and hand them their transcripts, where the representative will then evaluate their GPA and determine if they would be a good fit to take courses at their institution.

If the college is unsure if they want to admit a student, they might tell them they are “provisionally admitted”, meaning that they would like the student to develop a certain topic or area by doing extra work such as taking a class over the summer. If a student is accepted, though, the process is not binding so they are not required to attend. 

“It’s a very kind way to treat college applications as opposed to this incredibly grueling process that could last months and months,” said Elizabeth Levenson, the College and Career Center Coordinator. “There are some schools that ask for so many things, ask for so much staff time and student time,” Levenson adds. Colleges that offer on-site admissions, though, are able to considerably ease this process. 

College application season is a stressful time for all, but the on-site admissions approach can provide students with a heavy relief. “It really is a huge advantage,” Levenson said.

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