Cap-and-gown exchange

Isadora Groves, News Editor

This year’s graduating class of 2023 will have the opportunity to partake in a new cap-and-gown exchange organized by the PTSO. After graduation, seniors are encouraged to donate their attire to next year’s graduating students, providing them with a sustainable and cost-conscious alternative to buying brand-new regalia. 

Michelle Heller, 2023 PTSO representative with Jason Orlando, explained that she designed the program with the purpose of reducing environmental waste from the single-use gowns, and strenuous senior costs. “Every [graduating] class has to order a new gown. That is just a tremendous amount of waste,” she said. 

The exchange will take place over a SignUpGenius platform. “The [student] puts in the information about the gown including the size, where it’s available to pick up and then keeps [the gown] stored really neatly and hanging on a hanger,” she said. When the following year arrives, students who wish to borrow a gown and a cap can correspond with the already graduated seniors to decide on gown and cap pickup. “One of our goals in addition to reducing environmental waste and costs was to make it as easy as possible,” Heller added.

Talia Moraru, 2023 graduate, said that she would most definitely consider donating her cap and gown. “There are a lot of different fees you have to pay in senior year, so I’d love to help alleviate that cost for someone if I can, especially when I won’t ever need my JR cap and gown again,” she said.

Although the senior class of 2023 will not have the opportunity to borrow a gown this year, they do have the ability to kick-start this new exchange through their donations. “We really hope that this is a project that will catch on and really help contribute to reducing environmental waste and helping families save costs,” Heller concluded.