Flooding pushes for bathroom repairs


Eli Schwartz

BLASPHEMOUS BATHROOMS – Bathrooms throughout Jackson-Reed flooded due to a blockage within the city’s sewage system. Improper use of products such as toilet paper have been left on the floors.

Natalie Gordon and Isadora Groves

Despite recent improvements to Jackson-Reed bathrooms, a blockage of the main city sewage pipeline led to flooding throughout areas of the building. 

On Friday, May 12, flooding occurred in the first floor hallway. The following week, the custodial drain behind the cafeteria flooded. The blockage was caused by improper disposal of products, like hygiene products and paper towels down the toilets. 

“I don’t believe that students are intentionally damaging and clogging the lines. Really, this speaks to reiterating the expectations about certain things that [can’t] go down the toilet,” Principal Brown said. He also explained that maintenance crews have regularly tried to fix this issue, although the timeline for when the issue will be resolved is uncertain. 

Along with the blockage in the main pipeline, many toilets in the bathrooms remain out of order.

Facility walk-throughs, attended by both DCPS officials and the Department of General Services (DGS), and work orders will take place within the building in preparation for summer renovations. Items, including toilets, will be identified and tackled before the new school year.

Bathroom repairs have not been a priority, as Brown’s first course of action as principal was addressing security concerns.

“Now that most, if not all [security measures] have been addressed, we can get to making sure we have functioning toilets in every restroom,” Brown said.

Repairs, additions, and efforts to increase the general cleanliness of bathrooms have been a main priority of the student government. Bathroom etiquette has been stressed, and items such as the soap dispensers have been branded with Tiger logos.

“The branding was something to instill more school spirit and pride and as a reminder when you’re in the restroom, that hey you’re a Tiger,” said Principal Brown.