Mandatory concussion tests implemented for athletes

Nico Anagnostopoulus, Contributor

Beginning this school year, concussion testing is being implemented for Jackson-Reed students participating in contact sports. The initial concussion test is about a 15-20 minute process. 

Administered by Jackson-Reed Athletic Trainer Dr. Jamila Watson, the testing includes an evaluation of balance, memory and reaction time. The initial assessment is used as a reference point for future evaluations in the event of a possible concussion. 

“The tests were easy to take and simple,” said senior Nico Carter, member of the varsity boys soccer team. 

Minoso Rogers, head football coach and sophomore dean, said that concussion testing “is key to ensure the safety of his students and players,” though he is a bit hesitant about the accuracy of the test because many of his players failed on their initial try. 

Jackson-Reed Athletic Director Nadira Ricks explained that an “overall goal of safety” is her main focus.

“There are a lot of things I have to enforce and there are going to be some higher expectations,” she added.

Hopefully the concussion testing will ensure the safety of student athletes at Jackson-Reed and help identify concussions in the future. •