Meet the Jungle Cats: Jackson Reed’s new student section

Zach Isaacs, Sports Editor

Founded with the goal of “creating the most lit student section in DC,” the Jungle Cats have taken Jackson-Reed Athletics by storm.

Despite only recently founding the club, junior dean Aireon Boone has been hyping up Jackson-Reed athletics throughout his time at school. Known for being the number one fan of anything JRHS, Boone is the prime suspect of attracting a massive crowd for last year’s beatdown of St. Albans in the DCSAA baseball semifinals. Boone’s goal this school year was to create a place where students can be part of the Tiger community and a one-stop place to discover all information about JR athletics and school events. “I want other schools to know when we play them that ‘Oh, the Jungle Cats are going to be there, they’re going to be loud, they’re going to have fun, but they are also going to be respectful.’” 

The Jungle Cats aren’t only about showing up to games, but also helping teams. Students can get involved by promoting games, monitoring the crowd, or taking pictures. Senior and Jungle Cats member Gabe Alexander detailed his experiences and obligations with the Jungle Cats: “I want the student section to grow and increase the enthusiasm kids have towards sporting events.” Whether it is planning future events like Alexander does, or taking photos like Boone has emphasized, the JR Jungle Cats have room for more students and more enthusiasm. •