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The Student Newspaper of Jackson-Reed High School

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The Student Newspaper of Jackson-Reed High School

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Wilson Cribs: Episode 2 – Dr. Moore’s Classroom

Mabel Malhotra and Noah Gross April 29, 2019

In the second episode of the Wilson Cribs series, Dr. Moore gives The Beacon an exclusive tour of her room. Find out why she has a vacant fishtank, what's edible in her room, and where the mysterious covered...

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It: Episode 1 (Bandit Taco)

Mabel Malhotra, Zoe Zitner, and Piper Hattenbach March 19, 2019

Four random Wilson students come together and bond during this Bandit Taco mukbang. They talk about One Acts, Wilson food fights, and South Africa. The new Tenley establishment earned an average rating...

The Wilson Fashion Scene

Liza Willsey, Multimedia Editor March 4, 2019

Join us on an aesthetically pleasing journey around Woodrow Wilson High School where we probe the school's most notorious fashionistas/fashionistos. Do YOU want to be a part of this motley crew? Well,...

Wilson Cribs: Episode 1 – Mr. Walters’ Classroom

Mabel Malhotra and Noah Gross February 6, 2019

Ever wonder why your art teacher's classroom has computers in it or why their tables are set up the way they are? Maybe you're curious about the little knick-knacks on their desk or the perks of their...

Wilson Football 2018 Season Recap

Alex Cirino, Sports Editor February 3, 2019

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Wilson Edition

Adelaide Kaiser and Meghan Dayton January 7, 2019

The Beacon asked the same questions to a bunch of Oyster-Adams 5th graders and a bunch of Wilson HS students. WHO WINS??????

The Investigation of the Tenley Stank

Gino Buresch, Josh Lasser, Dean Gwadz, and Liza Willsey October 2, 2018

Wilson students take a deeper look into the disgusting stank of Tenley.

Opinions in the Halls: Scheduling

Mabel Malhotra, Multimedia Editor September 5, 2018

This year, Wilson introduced a new way for students to switch classes during the first 2 weeks of school. First, students stand in a long line outside the counselor's office, negotiate their way past...

Fake News in the Halls

Dominick Hogans and Mabel Malhotra May 28, 2018

Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel's famous videos, senior Dominick Hogans asks several Wilson students questions about false events going on right now-- find out who believes it and who doesn't!    

Tiger Cubs (Episode 1) – Bancroft Elementary

Jaline, Denise, and Hiyab, students at Bancroft Elementary, share a little bit about their expectations, fears, and what they're excited for about high school. We hope to see them at Wilson in a few years!

Prom 2018 Video

Mabel Malhotra, Multimedia Editor May 22, 2018

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