Students should support school spirit

Beacon Staff

After a year and a half of isolation in distance learning, The Beacon thinks it is finally time to bring the student body together. 

With two grades of new Tigers and homecoming around the corner, we have been given the perfect opportunity to reinvent our school spirit.

In the past, a quintessential spirit week consisted of pillow fights, fashion shows, and funky fits. These five days of fun were the primary opportunity for students to showcase their school spirit, but even then, participation was pitiful. 

This year, to help foster school spirit, we want school-wide participation in the days leading up to homecoming. If freshmen and seniors alike walk through Wilson’s entrance in their PJs, we will be heading towards creating a more unified student body. No one is too cool to dress up.

Spirit day themes are equally as essential, as spirit week itself, in optimizing participation and excitement—whether that be vine meme day, blackout day, or teacher look-alike day. 

Sports events are another opportunity to build camaraderie. If we could gather a strong student section that is reflective of the diverse demographics of Wilson, it would cultivate a sense of togetherness and school pride. Even better, if we could collectively wear school colors and chant in unison, it would affirm to athletes that they have the support of the Wilson student body. 

We also need to connect with those beyond our own usual crowd. Creating a positive school culture starts with being willing to branch out of your long-held friend groups. If more students made the active effort to talk to new people, the student body would be more interconnected. This, in turn, would encourage school spirit. 

The Beacon staff is equally obligated to follow these suggestions and should be held accountable if we don’t. Every sporting event, expect to see a Beacon member decked out in Wilson merch screaming from the stands. Every day of spirit week, expect to see our staff head to toe in the day’s appropriate attire. And on homecoming, expect to see all of us sweatily moshing to bad music (COVID-safely, of course). •