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The Student Newspaper of Jackson-Reed High School

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The Student Newspaper of Jackson-Reed High School

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Disability Student Alliance hopes to create a safe space for disabled students

Becca Green, Features Editor March 25, 2023

Formed in December 2022 the Disability Student Alliance (DSA) is “bringing those who are disabled and disability allies together,” said founder Edie Young.  “I have multiple disabilities and...

Asian Student Union revived at Jackson-Reed

Rohini Kieffer, Section Copy Editor March 25, 2023

Watching movies, eating dim sum, going to museums, and having potlucks. What more does anyone need? Jackson-Reed’s new Asian Student Union envisions all of this in its future. Founded by juniors Lila...

Photo by Margot Nissen

Lesser-known clubs

Norah Caplan and Rohini Kieffer March 25, 2023

It’s 8:57 a.m. (if you’re on time). As you ascend the stairs from the atrium, something catches your eye. A pop of color to your left. You look over to find a bulletin board filled with all the clubs...

A blast from the past: corporal punishment at Jackson-Reed

Dani Wallace, Section Copy Editor March 25, 2023

When students stepped out of line, how were they punished? Back in the day, spanking was a popular choice for students of all ages.  To look into past punitive approaches, we are jumping back to March...

Photo by Deirdre de Leeuw den Bouter

We tried every chocolate milkshake in Tenleytown so you don’t have to

M.I.A: McDonald’s 0/5 With our stomachs empty and hopes high, we entered McDonald’s excited to try a road trip staple: the McD’s chocolate milkshake. However, to our anger and dismay, the ice...

Photo by Mia Clocker

I joined the cheerleading team for a day

Hadley Carr, Editor-in-Chief March 25, 2023

On the dim and gloomy Friday that I set out to try cheer, I had no cheer. Zero cheer. Straight-faced and slow paced, I walked into the gym. As I walked through the empty building on professional development...

Photo by Charlotte Comrack

Behind the mic: Myles Bell on the announcements

Simon Holland, Style Editor March 25, 2023

Q: When did you start doing the announcements? A: My anniversary is February 28, 2022. I did the announcements for the annual BSU Black History Month door decoration competition. And then Mr. Bargeman...

Regina McClure: The glue to Jackson-Reed’s SciMaTech academies

Lolera Tesema, Junior Editor March 18, 2023

Jackson-Reed High School opened up the school year with a new addition to its administration: Regina McClure. The NAF director who can juggle meetings like a gymnast, and make a schedule look like a work...

Beacon throwback: eclectic electives

Dani Wallace, Section Copy Editor March 10, 2023

In 1963, being a Wilsonite was the pride and joy of the city. Nowadays, it’s fair to say that that assessment hasn’t changed. The school still has a wide range of things to be proud of, namely academics,...

I tried crew for a week

Hadley Carr, Editor-in-Chief March 10, 2023

In the span of seven days I met an Ivy League coach, contracted a mysterious illness, and lost the ability to put weight on my left arm. All were a product of joining the girls varsity crew team. On...

Character or concern: a classroom review

Arden Luckett and Isadora Groves March 10, 2023

Welcome to room 320, where every whiteboard hangs askew and mold may or may not be growing within the ceiling, which only weeks ago had collapsed to the floor. This along with the broken AC and generally...

Jackson-Reed’s academies aim even higher

Dani Wallace, Section Copy Editor March 10, 2023

In such a large learning environment, it’s difficult to meet people who have similar aspirations. To combat this, Jackson-Reed offers a great number of academies, which aim to provide students with more...

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