Track alumni gives generous donation to current team

Norah Caplan, Junior Editor

A group of Jackson-Reed alumni has donated $2500 to the school’s track and cross country team. The money was originally raised to pay for the preparation of a cross-country course that Ronald Jenkins, former Jackson-Reed track coach, hosts annually. 

The meet was primarily held at Fort Reno and was called the Wilson/Deal Cross-Country Invitational until 2013, where it was named after Jenkins at his retirement dinner. For several months it was up in the air if DCPS could produce enough money to pay the contractor. In fear the meet would be canceled, Jenkins asked a group of alumni to create a fundraiser on the JR Track Alumni Facebook page. 

The fundraiser was extremely successful, and the track alumni were able to receive enough money to ensure the meet could go on as planned. At the last minute, the DCPS Athletic Department stepped in and was able to pay the fee, leaving the Jackson-Reed alumni with the $2500 they had originally raised.

The group of former students decided to donate the money to the JR track team, remembering how difficult it was to get funds for proper equipment and training. 

One alumni, Kesha Pendergrast, attended Jakson Reed from 1998 to 1992 and was happy to help the community and team that she grew up on. Pendergrast learned so much from Coach Jenkins and wanted to help support the team in any way possible. 

She elaborated on how much her years of attending Jackson Reed taught her about herself and her dreams for the future. “It was during my years at Wilson that I made lifelong friends and felt empowered by the supportive community of teachers that made me realize I can conquer the world!”