How an unlikely match survived a pandemic

“Couples that poop together, stay together,” Duncan Grant says, laughing. His girlfriend, Wilson junior Natalie Sachiko, laughs along nodding.

The pair have been dating for nine months, beginning their relationship in confusing terms. “I didn’t know until like three weeks into us dating that we were actively dating.”

They met through social media, talking until finally having their first date or first hangout, which depends on who you ask, at a park on Wisconsin avenue. Soon after, they had an official first date at Fort Reno. “We had a little picnic. And I like frozen fruit because it was like hot. It was summer, and then they all became mushy,” Sachiko said.

The couple has a couple favorite activities, including going out to the park, and playing Minecraft. “We’re a gamer couple. Let the records show I got me a gamer girl,” Grant says, smiling.

“She’s Casual” by The Hunna was the unanimously decided song of the relationship. The park along Wisconsin where they hung out for the first time also holds a special place in the couple’s hearts.

The couple has done a lot together in their nine months together, including going on trips together and continuing to go out on dates to see each other as much as possible. Some favorite memories included walking around last Halloween. “That was fun and we got to yell at some skater kids that were definitely in seventh grade,” Sachiko said. The pair also went on a trip together this Memorial weekend that both mentioned was a highlight of things they’ve done together.

Since Sachiko and Grant began dating in the pandemic, they both agreed that “we haven’t been able to go on as many like actual out-and-about dates.” Most dates have been confined to parks and each other’s houses, or full-length trips. When the pandemic is fully in the past, the pair will be sure to go to more events and establishments as a couple.

When asked if they had any advice for people in relationships, Sachiko said “Trust is cool…yeah, and communication, that works. I don’t like communicating but I’ve had to, and it worked out in my favour,” she smiles, adding “only trust men with cats. If he has a cat, I think he’s worth your time.” •